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Notice. We will send the order of races and race results for the Horse Racing Takamatsunomiya Memorial (26th) around the following date and time (JST). 23:25 [25 02:40. 06:05, 10:20, 13:30. 17:55. 23:45 [26] 17: 35. 19:20. 20:35

Front page. [Kyiv] On the 21st, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made a surprise visit to Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine. Meet with President Zelensky and directly convey solidarity and unwavering support. It was the first visit since the Russian invasion began in February last year. Before the G7 Hiroshima Summit in May, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, we will discuss our response and confirm our determination to uphold the international order based on the rule of law. It is extremely unusual for a Japanese prime minister to enter a conflict zone.

Second page. MOSCOW, BEIJING—Chinese President Xi Jinping and ruzzian tzar путин-хуйло met in the Kremlin, where the presidential palace is located, on the 20th during a visit to Moscow. Discussing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Mr. Xi insisted that “conflicts must ultimately be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks 21 times. announced the day. At the outset of the meeting, путин-хуйло called China’s February proposal for resolving the Ukraine problem “careful.”

Third page. “Finally, the retrial has begun.” Mr. Hakamada and others are happy to report. In 1966, after being sentenced to death for the murder of four family members in Shizuoka Prefecture, he was released from prison in Shizuoka City in the afternoon. (87) From about 150 people there was a great deal of silence on the 21st. Attended a meeting to report on the climbing event held in Hiraoka City. One day after the news that the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor’s Office had abandoned the special appeal, 90-year-old sister Hideko once again shared her joy with her supporters, saying, “A retrial has finally begun.”


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As is usual, the Morning Edition on public holiday is repeated at the Evening time. What is unusual, it’s the composition of this particular fax. Two breaking news entries is already an interesting event. But also the Newsletter is repeated two times: top and bottom.

Breaking news. Japan advances to the finals for the first time in 14 years, WBC says goodbye to Mexico.

[Miami (Florida, U.S.A.)] The 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), a baseball competition between nations and regions, defeated Mexico at 65 in the semi-finals held in Miami, Florida, U.S. on the 20th. We won the come-from-behind goodbye and advanced to the final. Since the 2nd tournament in 2009, Japan will face the defending champions USA on the 21st for the third victory. In Japan, Nozomi Sasaki (Lotte) started the game and allowed a 3-run home run in the 4th inning, but Masanao Yoshida (Red Sottas) caught up with a 3-run homer in the 7th inning. In the 8th inning, he scored 2 points, but in the 9th inning, 4-5, Munetaka Murakami (Yakult) turned the game around.

Breaking News. Prime Minister to visit Ukraine in surprise.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will visit Ukraine on the 21st. government officials said. The first since the Russian invasion began in February last year. It was not announced in advance for security reasons. It is extremely unusual for a Japanese prime minister to visit a foreign country in secret. He is expected to meet with President Zelensky there. The leaders of one of the G7 countries, excluding Japan, had already visited Kyiv, and were aiming for the time of Akane’s G7 summit (Hiroshima Summit) in May, which the prime minister also chairs. On the summit, the G.7 would like to show the international community its stance of uniting and firmly maintaining support for Russia and Ukraine.

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Front page. In 1966, the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office added 20% to the decision by the Tokyo High Court to approve the retrial of Mr. Oda, 87, at a press conference that confirmed the death penalty for the murder of a family of four in Shizuoka Prefecture. He announced that he had abandoned a special appeal to the Supreme Court. Mr. Hakamada said that more than half a century after the incident, Mr. Hakamada, 90, is likely to be acquitted in a retrial at the Shizuoka District Court. This is the fifth death penalty case in the postwar period in which a retrial decision has been finalized. Inadvertent start of retrials The past four cases were acquitted between 1983 and 1989 after retrials.

Second page. In June 2019, a 36-year-old unemployed male defendant was accused of attempted murder by robbery for stabbing a police officer with a kitchen knife and stealing a handgun at the Senriyama police box in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. On the 20th, presiding judge Masato Saito ruled that the defendant was in a state of insanity and had no criminal responsibility, and acquitted him. The Osaka District Court decision (August 2009) that sentenced him to 12 years of imprisonment for being mentally weak was overturned.

Third page. Higashi-Matsuyama City in central Saitama Prefecture, where Toto recaptures the World Baseball Classic, has a growing enthusiasm for support in the “roots” city.